Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunshine, sunshine.

It's absolutely beautiful outside today. Hard to believe that 3 wks ago we were in the middle of a blizzard getting almost 2 feet of snow!  And we are in Oklahoma!  Clearly the most snow I have ever been in.

Being buried in snow also means being buried in homework.  I just NOW feel like I'm catching up and some of the burden has been lifted.  However, I have 2 MAJOR projects due the Monday after Spring Break...so I will be busy.  So I GUESS its GOOD news  I now have shingles!  It's perfectly beautiful outside and I'm stuck in bed.  Hopefully I can use this time to get way caught up!  Of course I have a nasty test next week...*le sigh* the life of a college kid!  It's never ending.  I'm just hoping that I can handle this stress better now that shingles have sprung to life.  (I would post pics, but its so nasty I will spare you all in Blog Land....but Calamine Lotion is a GOD send. Truly the only thing that semi soothes this mess.  It's even putting off its own heat...its crazy!).

When brainstorming ideas to help me keep the stress down while not sweating, so yoga and running are out, I thought about a nice spa (can't since my shingles are leaky) or a vacay to run off too for Spring Break when I saw this news story...    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-1329856/Bubble-Tree-tent-offers-campers-window-world.html

It's a bubble tent/tree house thing. It even comes with multiple rooms...

and furniture, AND if you feel like you need more privacy there is one with walls but just an open ceiling! I want to watch a meteor shower or the Northern Lights in one of these awesome things.  I'm not really sure what to classify it, so thing it is for now.

and how fun would this be... ? Yoga in the winter would never be more effective than on the beach, but without the cold water! However, I would be worried that it would sweep me away.  But maybe that adventure wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.  I wonder where I would end up....knowing my luck back in Oklahoma....

And since I don't live in France, the only place they are selling and renting these AMAZING get away rooms, I'm thinking of building one of these in my backyard trees....

I'm sure the Stud Hubs would help me.  The Westies can man the gates and be security!!!! (it even has stained glass for the windows!) This was built by a genius family in England.  I have to move to Europe!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thawing Out....

So how it can go from temps feeling like -31 degrees F to having to turn on the A/C in a matter of 4 days is beyond me....but somehow we did it.  This also means that our little snow days of watching movies, reading books, getting lost in the fictional worlds of our favorite characters, forgetting all the responsibility of work and school as come to an end.  So sad.  At least it takes over 2 ft of snow a while to melt so we will have little reminders of the relaxing extra winter break that we wouldn't have had other wise. 

But before I crack open the textbooks to study for late giving tests, I will be finishing one of the greatest books I have ever read. Seriously funny!  It's a fairly quick read if you are like me and get COMPLETELY wrapped up in a story and can't put it down. It's just about the messy ends of reality and life. A journey of a man rediscovering himself and his family and their simultaneous journeys when they are forced to sit Shiva for their father's passing. So when the roads are better go to B&N, or better yet what I do, half.com, and get this fun read!  You never know when another blizzard may come to town so stock up!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Blizzard Warning.

They are already calling it the biggest snow event in Oklahoma history and it hasn't even begun to fall yet. Stud Hubs packed 2 days of clothes (Weathermen don't get time off like the rest of us do...*le sigh*) in case he cant make it home tomorrow afternoon. He's already asleep at 6:30pm for his marathon wall to wall coverage starting at 4:30am. The weather map of North America looks like something out of an Armageddon movie.

Those are 20 inch snowfall predictions! Crazy insane.But school closings all around...even for us college "kids".

So I have been busying gathering blankets, candles, flash lights just in case we have power outages.

I think that I'm ready. So as you get your supplies ready, turn up the volume...or even just tap your toes if you are not in the blizzard warning area. It's the song that the Glee producers named the Warblers after! If you like Bon Iver, you will love the Bowerbirds!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunny Day.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside today.  So sad that today ends our 74 degree weather streak for a bit and more snow on the ground to come. All the Westies are out sunning themselves and I have this one on repeat... So turn up the volume, hit play, and dance on your couch/bed like no one is looking! Seriously do it!  You can thank me later...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mostly Cloudy Day.

I normally don't like to post whiny negative posts, but yesterday was just one of those dark cloud days. I woke up late. In pain. Had a fever. Missed a school deadline. Laptop on Day 3 of repairs. Blog designs just not flowing. Behind on other designs. Behind on homework. Stressed to the max. Disaster day.

I was knee deep in my self-pity party when one of my best friends, Anonymouse, messaged me about her having the same kind of day. Normally I would be horrified if my friends or family were having a bad day. I would NEVER wish a bad day on ANYONE. Not even my worst enemy! Bad days can be so spirit breaking, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was slightly in relief that I was not the only one having such a day and I had someone to vent with and join my pity party.

One important factor you need to know about Anonymouse is that she is deaf, but you would never know it. Never. I actually forget from time to time. She's not one to use her hearing issues as a ploy to get sympathy or get special advantages in life. I know that I would not embrace hearing loss with such grace as Mousey. Hearing is one of those senses that I take for granted. And she has to work twice as hard for things that I would consider simple.

One such task is telephone costumer service. Or ANY costumer service for that matter, but at least in person she can read lips or they can write things down to verify. So Mousey has to find more creative solutions to do ask questions about bills, etc. One of the most popular methods is a costumer service chat window where you speak to a live person about your bill or issues. Now I will be the first person to say that unless using very loaded language emotions are hard to get across in chats. That also goes for punctuation. Punctuation is KEY to all reading.... INCLUDING CHAT SESSIONS (and talking for some people, but I digress.) If there is no clear punctuation things go awry. Quickly.

While ending a particularly frustrating session with one, lets just say oblivious young man, she had a story that turned my dark gloomy day into a laugh fest. This statement was C&P'ed (copy & pasted for you non forum lingo peeps) directly from her computer.

"Please send a confirmation email to my personal email because I handle all this stuff...theanonymouse@email.com."

Simple request right?

She never got the confirmation because he sent it to the address of "stuff...theanonymouse@email.com" and he couldn't figure out why it was not sending. He was literally adding "stuff..." as the first part of the email.

Now while this may not be overly funny to you guys, to me it was down right hilarious. I seriously laughed for 30 mins straight. I had tears and all.

I would keep emailing her kits, designs etc. and she would ask which acct I sent them too and I would HAVE to reply "stuff...theanonymouse@email.com".

I also have to give a GIANT shout to the Husband and Paul for saving the day yesterday on the laptop. Between the 3 of you the clouds of my day moved out and I had a clear night and sunny day today!!!

For those of your having a dark cloudy day hopefully this pic will add some color to your day. I used it for inspiration for my header.

A tulip field being irrigated in North Holland.  The rainbow just makes a perfect sight even better.